Cloud mining

Cloud server for Bitcoin mining

NVIDIA P106-100
Subscription cost 20 €/month
Ethash: ~20 Mh/s
Equihash: ~260 Sols/s
Not necessary to purchase equipment
No need for special knowledge
Package cost
All prices are shown without VAT.
Subscription cost
Discount 20% for paying forward 24 months
Availability of P106-100: February-March 2018.
Availability of P104-100: February 2018.
Easy clients personal cabinet
Possible to mine: Ethereum, BitcoinGold, Zcash
NVIDIA P104-100
Subscription cost 40 €/month
Ethash: ~36 Mh/s
Equihash: ~410 Sols/s
Not necessary to purchase equipment
No need for special knowledge
Package cost
All prices are shown without VAT.

IMPORTANT: You rent portion of servers output, which has been configured for cryptocurrency mining.

IMPORTANT: Setting up rented resources for You take about 30 days from the moment of payment.

Market Cap {BTC_market_cap} {ETH_market_cap} {ZEC_market_cap}
Exchange € 1 BTC = 8106.91 € (4.15 %) 1 ETH = 204.98 € (2.93 %) 1 ZEC = 46.53 € (4.37 %)
Exchange BTC 1 BTC = 1.00000000 BTC 1 ETH = 0.02528792 BTC 1 ZEC = 0.00574093 BTC
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Cloud mining – service offers to rent a part of hardware mining capability on specialized hardware to generate cryptocurrency in data-centers.

Cryptocurrency – cryptic currency, which was created and controlled using crypto graphical methods. These systems function using blockchain technology.

Bitcoin mining – solving of complicated mathematical tasks. Network is built so every ~ 10 minutes someone would find a new block. Finding of a new block is rewarded by bitcoins.

What is blockchain in simple words

Blockchain – it is a technology on which Bitcoin, Ethereum and others are built. There are multiple purposes for blockchain.

Blockchain can be understood as a book, which is owned by all participants and which is constantly updated. This book can contain various types of information – starting from finance operations using Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, to election results or identification data.

Blockchain capability is that pages of this book (blocks) at the same time are located with all users of the network, constantly updates and synchronizes with existing pages. If someone tries to fool the system by “adding” or “removing” a page, then system synchronizes with tens of thousands of existing versions of this book and finds the incorrect block structure.

Base system of blockchain consists of constantly growing collection of blocks, which are distributed using peering network.

Where does the money come from?

Cryptocurrency – process of generating coins for a specific time period, which gets distributed proportionally between miners. Miners computing power provide network safety. Network rewards miners using cryptocurrency (process is fully automated and is fully independent).

What is a mining farm?

It is a device compiled using computer components and is meant for cryptocurrency system development.

Amount of new users is constantly growing, especially taking in account the investment and technical attractiveness of cryptocurrency. Because of the growing amount of transactions there is also a need for additional hardware. Because of this the topicality of this direction will maintain and grow together with new additional users and cryptocurrencies.

What are OTC markets?

OTC market – it is a market where finances like currency, shares, raw products are sold between two parties. OTC market does not have a physical location – all transactions are done in electronic environment.