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VPS - Virtual Server

Client rents space on server (s) Cloud Hosting with a pre-agreed platform and operating system configuration.

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Hosting tariffs


    starting from

    2.40 EUR

    per month

    Space on the disk: 5000 MB
    Free site transfer!
    Domains: 1
    E-mails: 5
    Databases: 1

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    starting from

    5.60 EUR

    per month

    Space on the disk: 20000 MB
    Free site transfer!
    Domains: 3
    E-mails: 20
    Databases: 3

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    starting from

    11.20 EUR

    per month

    Space on the disk: 50000 MB
    Free site transfer!
    Domains: 5
    E-mails: 50
    Databases: 5

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    starting from

    16.00 EUR

    per month

    Space on the disk: 100000 MB
    Free site transfer!
    Domains: 10
    E-mails: 100
    Databases: 10

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Choice domain

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  • Change DNS

    Change the record in real time and at no additional cost.

  • Changing of NS servers

    Create your own NS servers

Table prices for domains

Decide on the area in which you want to register a domain.

TLD Registration
.lv 12.00 EUR / year
.com 12.00 EUR / year
.net 12.00 EUR / year
.org 12.00 EUR / year
.info 12.00 EUR / year
.ru 12.00 EUR / year
.eu 12.00 EUR / year

* All prices are shown without VAT.

Best prices on SSL Certificates

SSL — cryptographic protocol that provides communication security

SSL certificate will provide the performance of the three necessary conditions for the safe transfer of data:

  • The authenticity of the transmitted data. Your client can always be sure that the information it receives is sent to the specified address, and the address belongs to the organization in whose name the certificate was issued.
  • Confidentiality. With reliable data encryption interception of information transmitted from the client to the server and back, it becomes impossible.
  • The integrity of the data. Secure SSL certificate information can not be changed during a session of data transmission through the Internet channels.

SSL Certificates prices

Select the desired SSL certificate, or contact us for a consultation

Name Price
Comodo PositiveSSL 5.00 EUR
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard 80.00 EUR
Comodo PositiveSSL UCC/SAN 53.00 EUR
RapidSSL Standard Standard 10.00 EUR
RapidSSL Standard Wildcard 102.00 EUR
Thawte SSL 123 36.00 EUR
GeoTrust TrueBusinessID 76.00 EUR
Symantec Secure Site SAN 325.00 EUR

* All prices are shown without VAT.

Placement IT-infrastructures in the data center

IT infrastructure - a complex system consisting of a set of specialized software, network services, directory services, information security policies, backup systems and data storage facilities spam protection, etc. Together, complex systems determines the availability of business applications for the company's employees and business growth opportunities.

Customers interested in a safe and secure placement of their telecom and IT-infrastructure, software applications, corporate pages, Web sites, and the creation of backup systems to ensure business continuity, as in the case of short interruptions, and as a result of extraordinary circumstances, may use our services!

Hosting in Europe (Latvia)

Hosting necessary to provide access to your web site to any user on the Internet. Fast Hosting is an important condition of quality of the site. Our company offers several calling plans for hosting.

Linux Hosting

Server rent

Dedicated Server or Virtual Server is an integral part of a larger project, and for a stable and high quality of the company. Dedicated Servers is usually required to perform non-standard solutions.

Virtual Servers   Dedicated servers

SSL certificates

SSL — protocol that encodes the information that is exchanged between the client and the server, protecting the transmission of private data.

SSL starting with
Domain Validation from 5.00 EUR
Business Validation from 30.00 EUR
Wildcard SSL from 80.00 EUR
Extended Validation from 216.00 EUR

SSL certificates

Professional hosting solutions

In recent times, there exist a lot of web hosting solutions. There are a whole lot of plans being given which meets everyone’s demand. If one has a tiny or even medium sized business website which is more or less for just the firm only, then one has to go for a business hosting plan. These plans may include personal space for medium and small scale websites. Such accounts are usually used as shared web hosting.

Solutions to web hosting even arise with virtual and dedicated servers. Virtual private servers are used by virtual servers and it supports a wider range of website needs and requirements. This may include websites needing multiple hosting and the website developers who seek for a more convenient solution as far as hosting is considered and may further be considered reliable for a buyer. The other benefits that are somewhat flexible, holds more ground as far as requirements regarding hosting are made is a standalone email server.

Another web hosting solution is use of dedicated servers. These dedicated servers are simply those that are managed private web servers. When speaking about reliability, security and performance, dedicated servers are servers that prove to be the best in the space. The dedicated servers can easily take care of even the most demanding websites on the world wide web.

In the enterprising business world, competition appears fierce. This is the reason why many companies try to get a good competitive edge while working in a particular field. Cloud hosting is practically new to the market and a lot of companies have the aim of making their mark with a simple offer of cloud hosting for clients.

Cloud hosting is the most recent platform made available for hosting solutions. The cloud hosting platform is seen as state of the art for tech enthusiasts. Cloud gives quick, tailored on demand hosting upon demand. Cloud hosting is a network of servers connected to themselves. The users are able to improve their business without worrying about additional overhead or inventory. This is because cloud hosting servers are not found in the same data center.

As the cloud and managed hosting industries continue to increase, a lot more companies and organizations are searching for expert companies that can take care of the load. Recent businesses are seeking for hosting services that can meet their changing needs. Cloud hosting is a very good option for a lot of companies who are in need of hosting solutions that give more than the traditional hosting plans.

A lot of companies give both private and public cloud hosting options for the most flexible possibilities. They sometimes also make provision for safe and secure data centers that are managed twenty four hours a day by technicians working full time. Therefore, businesses making use of cloud hosting should have continuous service.

Website hosting solutions have a lot of plans that differ from one another but one is advised to take a good look into the requirements and details before settling for a particular solution. Also check if it is affordable or not. A complete and proper solution would be a collection of everything. It may include spam block services, merchant accounts that accept credit card information on their website and is meant to be secure enough for transactions, secure certificates such as secured encryptions of credit card info, website design, custom programming, domain names, etc.

With the numerous options available to clients today, the aim is to provide better service and customer satisfaction. Organizations and companies should research the possibilities available and compare the alternatives. Searching for reputation and quality is the key to getting a good match.