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Traditional physical server is not suitable for You? We offer an affordable and convenient alternative - VPS hosting! At Cloudhosting, You can rent a cloud server inexpensively - for economical distribution of the company's budget and full control of the data.

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What is VPS server for

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a good compromise between a classic physical and a regular virtual server. The user is allocated RAM, processing power, and disk space. It is an advanced virtualization technology with a special architecture that provides a number of advantages:

Due to these advantages, VPS hosting is suitable for a wide range of tasks. A virtual server allows You to host high-load sites, mailing services, projects that require the use of specialized software or large amounts of disk space.

Affordable rental from Cloudhosting

If You need an affordable virtual server rental on the best terms, use the services of our company. Cloudhosting provides access to reliable cloud servers on SDD disks. We offer our subscribers a number of advantages:

Cloudhosting offers the most affordable rates for VPS server in Latvia. Contact and become a subscriber of our company right now - we will select an individual solution that is ideal for Your projects!