Remote office (RDP)

Remote office – is

How does it work?

Using PC, tablet or any other mobile devices, workers connect to remote work desktop, which is located in specialized data center. In the end they have fully functional and familiar work environment. 1C, corporate e-mail, office application, specialized software- everything works in this environment. There is no need to reeducate Your workers or to spend any funds and time to purchase new hardware.

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1 core processor
4 GB operating memory
50 GB hard drive NVMe
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What is remote office and how to organize it in your company?

Remote work on Your PC, smartphone or tablet is becoming more and more in demand. Have You noticed that more and more companies are switching to working remotely?

The remote office gives the opportunity to work remotely from home without having to travel to your workplace.

Team mobility and efficiency are not compromised, as working from home or on a business trip will not interfere with Your access to the work environment from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

In addition, we also back up Your data regularly to keep your data safe in the event of an emergency.

Don’t let work in Your company stop - stay productive and reach Your business goals by working remotely!

Connecting to a remote desktop is easy:

If You use Apple products, connecting to remote desktop is easy: