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Mikrotik CHR - virtual cloud router

Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) – it is a version of RouterOS designed to run as a virtual machine. CHR includes all RouterOS features by default, but the licensing model is different from other versions of RouterOS.

Price with VAT 21%Price without VAT
Server location
Hard drive NVMe
Hard drive HDD
Users count
Microsoft office
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Billing cycle
1 month payment
3 month payment
57.0019.00 € / m , Save 3.00
6 month payment
108.0018.00 € / m , Save 12.00
12 month payment
204.0017.00 € / m , Save 36.00
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Levels of licensing

Keep in mind that without proper licensing, the data transfer rate through Cloud Hosted Router will be limited.

Cloud Mikrotik is not tied to hardware. Licenses can be transferred between different machines. The only limitation is the speed of the interface. It varies depending on the type of license. Here is a simple table of cost and functionality:

License Speed ​​limit
Free 1 Mbit/s
P1 1 Gbit/s
P10 10 Gbit/s
P-Unlimited Unlimited

Activation of trial version CHR

First, you need an account on If you don't have it, then you need to create it.


RouterOS supports various services and protocols that can be used by medium or large providers such as OSPF, BGP, VPLS/MPLS. RouterOS is quite flexible, and is very well supported by Mikrotik, both through the forum and various wiki materials, as well as specialized configuration examples.

RouterOS provides support for almost all network interfaces on Linux kernel. Supported wireless chipset solutions are based on Atheros and Prism (as of RouterOS version 3.x). Mikrotik is also working on software upgrades that will ensure full compatibility of Mikrotik devices and software with increasingly popular networking technologies such as IPv6.

RouterOS provides the system administrator with a graphical interface (WinBox) for visual and quick firewall configuration, routing and QoS management. In particular, the functionality of the Linux utilities iptables, iproute2, traffic control and QoS based on the HTB algorithm are almost completely implemented in the WinBox interface.