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What is VPN and why would You need it

VPN – technology that allows You to create a connection on another network (usually Internet). To understand why is it necessary firstly You have to understand what possibilities does it offer.

We offer:

  • Possibility to connect multiple offices worldwide
  • Stable connection between all offices
  • No need to use cable connection between offices

You can virtually connect multiple offices into one big office. This solution allows You to connect them through local network. Connection quality and speed does not suffer from distance.

For successful business growth it is necessary for existing offices to work in a connected network. We will develop corporate network for Your company with the specifics needed for Your company, even if Your offices are located in different cities or even countries.

You already have organized network, but you open new offices which require a fast connection which cannot be done by the existing provider? We will help You find a solution for Your problem using our resources.

One of the main advantages of VPN connection – encryption. More information:

  • Firstly, it is an additional level of encrypting for transmitted information from working place to remote server.
  • Secondly, VPN allows the use of resources not only from one working station, but connect to personal infrastructure resources to which you connect remotely. For example, user connects and gains access to his own private network on the cloud and then he can connect to server files from his local device. For him it is an access to his virtual offices with additional encryption.
  • Thirdly, two factor authentication can be used for connection to VPN, which provides additional security. For example, if a laptop gets stolen, two factor authentication key safely lies with the user thus access to VPN is blocked.
  • Fourthly, no less interesting advantage of VPN is that provider cannot track what the user is doing in his own channel, provider will not know the aim of connection thus creating additional security.