Cloud storage

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Private cloud data storage for your business

Private cloud data storage for your business, access to data from all your devices.

This product provides access to data via a web interface, windows, mac os, android, iphone, providing a platform for easy viewing, sync and file sharing between devices, all under your control. Open architecture OwnCloud is extensible with a simple yet powerful API for applications and plug-ins, works with any storage.

You have data. A lot of data. What if you could receive, synchronize and share data through a single interface, while retaining the management and control of users and privileges?

Capabilities of your cloud:

  • Create users;
  • Create groups;
  • Create shared folders;
  • Privileges for adding, deleting, and editing;
  • Working with GOOGLE Drive, Dropbox and other systems;
  • And much more;
Choose a server specifically for your desires!


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Installing software on the platform

Synchronization with PC using desktop clients. Select one or more folders on your local computer and you ll always have access to your latest files wherever you are.

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