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IT solutions


Microsoft is the official developer of Windows operating system and it can help provide competitive and good reputation for Your organization. If all Microsoft software is correct and with corresponding licenses, then enterprise can get various benefits. More info

IP address registration

We can gladly provide You with this service in whole European Union. Service is rather specific that is why we try to speak in simple and understandable language. More info

Software development

Our company offers not only software solution but also complex solutions with multiple software, which will be developed or redeveloped precisely for You in accordance with Your necessities and work specifications. More info

Internet solution

In case of Internet loss, Your company will not stand idle. Because of this internet solution, connection to network will be provided by additional 3G/4G channel. More info

Virtual office

VPN – technology that allows You to create a connection on another network (usually Internet). To understand why is it necessary firstly You have to understand what possibilities does it offer. More info

IT audit

IT system technical audit – independent valuation of Your IT infrastructure and recommendations for increasing IT structures work quality and to lower exploitation expenses. More info

Data protection

Consulting about physical person data protection challenges (individual consultations and, per client request, also professional worker collective consultations). More info

Server sale

Our clients free themselves from searching shops, who sell computers and components, consumable sellers, suppliers and servicing specialists. Turning to us, client gets full hardware and office component support. More info

Cloud storage

You have data. A lot of data. What if you could receive, synchronize and share data through a single interface, while retaining the management and control of users and privileges? More info