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Operating systems, antiviruses, softwares!

Why do You need licensed Windows operating system?

Microsoft is the official developer of Windows operating system and it can help provide competitive and good reputation for Your organization. If all Microsoft software is correct and with corresponding licenses, then enterprise can get various benefits.

Protection from risks, protection from fraud software, for example, viruses, malware and other risks consequential from fraudulent software. Using original licenses operating system Windows, You will not have to worry about safety of important information of Your company.

Stability Reliability, due to lowered idleness, which is caused by system malfunctions and safety breaches. Only licensed operating system is provided with Microsoft support and updates or optional downloads.

Performance Efficiency is increased which provides work with additional support. Using original operating system Windows, You will save up valuable time, which is necessary for steady organization work and you will not have to worry about unwanted interruptions due to missing licensing.

Safety and confidence Certainty about computers appropriate Windows license agreement, as well as, workers, partners and clients will think of Your company as trustworthy partner with good reputation.

What should You avoid?

Same as Your company, other organizations want to act according to law, but sometimes they have no understanding about Windows licensing. Further down are shown some of most often cases with licensing errors.

Scenario №1: Not knowing the difference between renewing and new license. Windows Enterprise edition licenses are meant only for renewing existing licenses. Often corporations buy Windows Enterprise edition licenses and mistakenly use computers which do not have full official operating system. Windows Enterprise edition license allows You to renew already owned Windows license or other qualified license by renewing it to a newer version.

Scenario №2: Enterprise edition license usage on computer which has preinstalled Home edition license. Windows Enterprise edition license prerequisite is existing qualified operating system on every computer. In most cases it is professional edition license. Often organizations buy computers with preinstalled Starter or Home edition licenses and later use a new Enterprise edition licenses on these computers, which is intended for Windows 7 Professional licensed computers. Enterprise licensing agreement can be used only for Windows Professional or newer versions.

Scenario №3: Unknowingly using a fraud software. Sometimes organizations find that they have been using computers with fraudulent operating system. This situation most often occurs when company buys computers with no preinstalled Windows operating system or when system installation was done by untrustworthy manufacturer. Windows Enterprise edition prerequisite is a preinstalled official operating system.

Original Windows software developer is Microsoft, and its support is provided by Microsoft organization or a trustworthy partner. Only official Windows operating system provides You with less idleness which could be caused by system errors or security faults, and provides Windows operating system with its performance and reliability. If You have any suspicion that You might be using illegal or incorrect software, then Microsoft can help determine what Windows operating system would be best for You.