IT audit

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Full audit of Your IT infrastructure

IT system technical audit – independent valuation of Your IT infrastructure and recommendations for increasing IT structures work quality and to lower exploitation expenses.

IT infrastructure audit – creating a list of hardware, optimization of hardware connection and used software updating and optimizing.

As a part of IT technological audit process we will help You:

  • Lower the costs of IT system exploitation
  • Improve IT system stability and security
  • Improve IT system efficiency

We provide IT technological audit to following systems:

  • Information security
  • Calculating
  • Data backups
  • Data transmission
  • Telephony
  • Video conference
  • IT infrastructure management and exploitation
  • Application integration
  • Building and construction engineering systems

We suggest doing IT audit:

  • Before starting project, to create and improve IT infrastructure
  • After finishing project – to evaluate created IT system correctness After changing IT director or IT team
  • After changing IT director or IT team
  • If IT infrastructure works ineffectively or it is unstable

In result of technological IT audit You get:

  • List of all existing or predictable weak spots in IT system and recommendations on how to prevent them
  • Recommendations about IT system performance and stability improvement
  • System development variations, flaw and advantage analysis for each variation considering business specifics

Realizing IT audit suggestion You will lower chances of business risks and IT infrastructure costs

By working with us You get:

  • Guaranteed High level audit of Your IT system
  • Professional recommendations, included narrow specification
  • Special terms for realizing suggested improvements

The price of IT audit depends from clients requests and necessities. You can get more details about this service by calling us or writing to our e-mail.