Server colocation

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Server colocation in the data center

Your server will be placed in a modern premises, fully equipped with the latest technology. If necessary, we can make delivery of your hardware to our data center.

1U / Tower
Installation Free
Free IPv4 address 1
Electricity cost
02.2024 - € 0.2033/kWh
01.2024 - € 0.2823/kWh
12.2023 - € 0.2534/kWh
Uplink 1 Gbit/s
Price/month 40.00 €
All prices are shown without VAT 21%.

Additional data center services

Additional space in the rack 1U 20.00 €
Secondary power supply 10.00 €
Additional IPv4 Address 2.00 €
IP address Network /29 (5 pcs.) 10.00 €
IP address Network /28 (13 pcs.) 24.00 €
Network equipment colocation 1U in Data Center CloudHosting 40.00 €
Connection to BGP 50.00 €
Announcing PI prefix 20.00 €
Additional uplink 1Gbsp/s 50.00 €
Guaranteed network speed (1 Gbit/s) 600.00 €
All prices are shown without VAT 21%.

Of course, every web project or complex data processing requires reliable and high-speed equipment. Colocation - it is not just placing a server in a remote data center, but also a constant, professional technical support, equipment maintenance, etc.

Server colocation in the data center in Europe (Latvia)

The company «CloudHosting» possesses all the necessary equipment and experience to place the server in the data center with subsequent clock service. We pay special attention to customers is from Russian regions, as trusting us you can be assured of the confidentiality of information stored on your drives data.

The quality of services will necessarily please you, because we really are professionals and are ready to offer the full range of individual approach to each client.

We have already formed a base of customers who are interested in no only rent a virtual server Windows, but also partners with many years of experience of using our data center for hosting only physical servers.

Advantages of placing servers in our data center

First and foremost we are constantly developing and periodically introduce innovative technology and most powerful network equipment. Connect to high-speed Internet link with a reserve capacity is only part of our competitive advantage. I would also like to note that the placement of your equipment in the data center «CloudHosting» are:

Ordering a colocation from us you are shooting yourself with all the problems on their service. And even in the event of technical failure, we can quickly provide replacement parts and manual settings of all equipment.

Still have questions? Call customer service or send us an email with the subject matter, and we will solve or answer it as soon as possible.