IP address registration

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IP address registration

IP-address and autonomic system (AS) registration

  • Want to be independent from higher standing provider?
  • Want to connect to multiple providers, to gain uninterrupted connection?

If that is the case, then You need to get Your own IP addresses!

We can gladly provide You with this service in whole European Union. Service is rather specific that is why we try to speak in simple and understandable language.

If You already know everything about this service, then You can find pricing at the end of this page.

Main advantage for being IP address owner

There are 2 possible ways of obtaining IP address block: rent from provider or buy independent block from provider by registering it to Your company name.

In first case IP addresses will belong to service provider, which means that Your company will be dependent from service provider and all his actions and risks in relation to them.

In case of provider hardware faults or problems with licensing measures, company can lose rented IP addresses. Additionally, provider exchange can cause complications with IP address switch.

Main advantage You get as IP address owner is independence from one provider.

In which case would You need Your own autonomic system and IP address block?

Answer is rather simple: personal IP addresses are necessary for company which has created a wide IT infrastructure. Including:

  • Communication providers, who use IP addresses for own infrastructure and grant them to their clients, for example, email servers, IP telephones and other hardware;
  • Hosting providers, who use IP addresses for their own infrastructure and grant them to their client servers, virtual servers, home pages which use SSL certificates;
  • Big companies with wide branch network, who divide IP addresses to branches. This is necessary to provide direct connection between them, email server organizing and other means.

Why do clients trust us?

Our company has local registry status (LIR) RIPE NCC. Also look us up: information about us on RIPE NCC home page.

Price for IPv6

Name Registration (one time) Support (annual)
Network /48 IPv6 (280 addresses) 100.00 € 100.00 €
Autonomic system AS (32bit or 16bit) 150.00 € 150.00 €

Prices for IPv4

Name Registration (one time) Support (annual)
IP-network any size Ended in RIPE NCC 100.00 €
Autonomic system AS (32bit or 16bit) 150.00 € 150.00 €

Price for registration also includes price for first year support. All prices are shown with VAT 21%