Data protection

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Certified data protection specialist services

Data protection specialist organizes, controls and manages management (natural or legal person, country or district institution, who determines person data processing reasons and means and makes sure person data processing is according to Person data protection law – private, country or district data bases, organized contests, lotteries and surveys, Internet portals and interactive software, cloud-computing services and other) carried out person data processing accordance to law requirements.

Video surveillance registration in National Data inspection.

Organizations inner information system security regulations and security solution development, implementation and including but not only:

  • Determination of rights and obligations for person responsible for information resources, technical resources and person data security;
  • Person data protection classification according to values and level of confidentiality
  • Determination of technical resources used for person data processing;
  • Tasks needed to protect technical resources from exceptional circumstances (fire, flood, other);
  • Tasks needed to secure technical resources from intentional damage and unauthorized access;
  • Determination of media storage and deletion accordance;
  • Person data user rights, obligations, restrictions and responsibility determination.

Contract development with person data operators (security companies, technical data input providing and others).

Person data transfer and processing security providing and management, if person data are transferred outside of European Union countries (cloud computing, data transfer between worldwide corporations and other).

Annual person data processing audit and review about tasks done for information security field.

Creation of register about managements finished tasks about data processing, their types and forms.

Consulting about physical person data protection challenges (individual consultations and, per client request, worker collective consultations).