Software development

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Software development for Your business

We work in accordance with newest technologies

Our company offers not only software solution but also complex solutions with multiple software, which will be developed or redeveloped precisely for You in accordance with Your necessities and work specifications.

Quite often to improve work efficiency, team work and control process improvement, company management sees a necessity to automate work processes. In modern market there are multiple ready solutions with various functions and system combination, but to find a ready software for exactly Your business with all necessary functions and necessities is very complicated and most often impossible. Even more, sometimes it is costlier to integrate a ready software into Your system than to develop a software precisely for You. Best solution is to develop a software precisely for You in accordance with Your wishes and existing system particularities.

Some of software types we develop:

  • Software for accounting automation and other business process control
  • Data base (clients, merchandise, services and database linking with various classificatory)
  • Information integration applications between various software and data bases (like, when software or data base can function and provide information to another software or data base)
  • Analytic, planning and predicting software
  • Systems for creating dynamic site creation using data base applications
  • Other computer software (let us discuss necessities, write us an email)

Our software is open source with possibility for improvements and upgrades. You get a software which is upgradeable with newest technologies and almost any changes are supported.