Server sale

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Server selling, computer hardware and software selling

Our company sells computers, computer components and other office hardware to corporate clients. We work with the best hardware manufacturers and IT network and system hardware manufacturers, to offer only the best and safest products and services. Our company is working in worldwide IT service field and fully fits any client necessities in business support. We not only sell new computers and office hardware but also provide with necessary montage work for all devices and its maintenance in the future. Especially comprehensive approach is characteristic to our company computer and office hardware selling conception. Our specialists will provide you with advices, help you decide on best solutions accordingly to Your business necessities and budget. Bought merchandise we will deliver to Your specified address in convenient time for You and also help You set everything up so everything would work correctly. We will provide you with all necessary changed in accessories, fill consumables, update software and if necessary will do repairs.

Our clients free themselves from searching shops, who sell computers and components, consumable sellers, suppliers and servicing specialists. Turning to us, client gets full hardware and office component support. We offer support service for small and big companies with wide structures.

In addition to hardware selling, we will also provide client with hardware modernization, creation of LAN networks, recovery of lost files, system cleaning from viruses or other unnecessary malwares, to protect information we will setup necessary hardware and software. We always support our clients if there is a need for a computer, laptop or other hardware, but client wants to buy them on post-pay.

More information You can get by calling us or writing us an e-mail.