How to change default RDP port

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How to change default RDP port

For safety reasons we suggest changing Your servers default RDP port to a different one of Your choosing.

1. Start the “Registry Editor”

2. Find the following registry subkey:


3. Open the “PortNumber” and in the menu select “Decimal”

4. Enter the new port number and click OK

5. Close the “Registry Editor”

Now that we have changed the default RDP port, we have to allow in firewall to access this port.

1. Open “Control panel” and open “Firewall”

2. Open “Advanced settings”

3. Open “Inbound rules” and create “New Rule…”

4. In the menu choose “Port”

5. Specify “TCP” port type and in the lower window type Your earlyer specified port number

6. Choose “Allow the connection”

7. Choose when this rule applies

8. Enter a name for Your rule and an optional Description (These are mainly informational for You)

9. Click “Finish”

10. You have created a new rule for Your “Firewall”

11. Restart Your server to apply the changes

The change only goes into effect once the server is restarted. After the restart, the RDP is only accessible via the new port number.