How to choose a domain name?

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How to choose a domain name?

When choosing a domain name, you can consider several factors:

Good domain names are short

The most successful websites have a short domain name.

A domain name should be easy to remember

If your visitors can not remember your domain name, it will be hard to them finding your webpage again.

A domain name should be easy to enter

Even if your visitors remembered how your domain name sounds, if it contains some characters which is difficult to remember, returning to your webpage will be more difficult.

The domain name must be unique

This is necessarily. You cannot register a domain name that is already registered. The domain name must be unique as a brand. Registering a domain name that is too similar to another brand, will not bring much success.

The domain name may give an idea of the website sphere

Domain name can hint, what visitors can expect from the website. For example "Cloudhosting" means "hosting with focus on Cloud technologies." This is not strictly necessary.

Good domain names do not use numbers or hyphens

The numbers in the title is somewhat complicated to memorize or can present your domain name either as an informal or unserious. Hyphens usually means that the domain name is long. Which is undesirable for a potentially successful website.

Adding keywords to domain names

Adding the best search keywords into the domain name helps a lot for SEO website optimization and higher rankings.

Interesting and useful content will benefit for your website's ranking in search engines and recognition among customers than just "SEO-optimizing" your domain name.