VDI by DaaS model

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VDI by DaaS model

Rent of virtual workplaces according to the DaaS model. Workplaces are standardized and ready to use

How Desktop as a Service Works

  • We provide virtual desktops (VDI) for rent based on the Desktop as a Service model (DaaS, “workplace as a service”)
  • Employee computers are being replaced with virtual workstations. To do this, we allocate server resources and install images of operating systems on them, with which users then work.
  • An employee connects to the workplace remotely — from a computer in the office, from a laptop from home or from a phone in a cafe.
  • All virtual desktops have the same set of applications and programs. You can use them right away, because they are pre-configured.
  • The virtual workplace can be additionally configured for the tasks of a specific user: for designers, install a graphics editor, for accounting - software for accounting.

Basic solution diagram and components

Horizon 7 (formerly VMware VDI, VMware View) is used to implement the VDI service as a service. Each remote desktop is represented by a separate virtual machine, the resources of which are not shared with other users (unlike the terminal server).

Horison 7 Features:

  • VMware vSphere Desktop — is a new revision of the vSphere desktop virtualization platform. This edition contains all the features of vSphere Enterprise Plus. The platform provides scalability, high availability, and optimal performance for all virtual desktop workloads.
  • Dedicated solution for programmatically — defined data center. Horizon 7 is integrated with VMware's SDDC, which includes vSphere and NSX. The customer receives a turnkey solution for on-premises and public cloud that eliminates the need for siled storage, virtualization and networking products.
  • VMware Mirage — Next Generation Solution for Physical Computer and POS Image Management in Distributed Environments.
  • Virtualization host — Physical server for running virtual machines
  • SSD Disk Array — Dedicated SSD Disk Arrays with NetApp Storage
  • VMware Horizon Licenses (per VDI) — Licenses for organizing VDI service (billed based on the maximum number of concurrent connections per month)
  • Microsoft OS Licenses — VDI Operating System Licenses
  • Microsoft SQL Licenses — SQL Server License (Required for VMware Horizon)
  • GPU virtualization and graphics support

    NVIDIA GRID technology is a GPU virtualization, remote access, and session management solution. It allows multiple users to simultaneously run graphically rich applications using shared GPU resources.

    VDI rental service with NVIDIA GRID is available only on dedicated installations.

    The technology is designed to solve the problem of virtualization and remote access to workplaces:

    • In design automation (CAD)
    • Information management in construction (BIM)
    • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
    • Automation of the work of banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and funds
    • Working with systems for archiving and transferring images in medical institutions
    • Editing photos and videos

    If you have any questions, please contact us.