How Do I Connect My Mac to Windows?

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How to connect my Mac to Windows?

Mac users in their native Unix environment are familiar with using SSH terminal on their Linux-based servers. If you use a Mac to enter a Windows environment or vice versa, the task performs differently. Window machines use a different protocol, one of which is called RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). In our guide, we will look at how to use your Mac to connect to a Windows server. Let's start!

  • Mac OS X El Capitan - Version 10.11.16 and higher
  • Windows Server 2016 and its IP address
  • Step 1: Open Finder >> Applications >> App Store. We will go to the App Store to download Microsoft Remote Desktop.

    Step 2. Use the search bar to find Microsoft Remote Desktop. Select Get >> Install Application. After installation, click the Microsoft Remote Desktop icon in the Applications folder.


    iCloud is completely free, but it requires a valid credit card, even for free applications.

    Step 3: Launch the application by finding it in the Applications folder.

    Step 4: For our connection, select + New and fill in the information in the fields provided for the Windows server.

    Connection name: alias to identify this connection

    PC Name: Windows Server IP Address

    Username: Admin

    This seems counterintuitive, but close the edit window to save the settings. You will immediately see the server in the My Desktops list.

    Step 5: Click on the server name to connect to your Windows environment. If all the information has been entered correctly, you will see a Windows environment with a familiar Windows desktop background.