How to promote a website in Google and Yandex

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How to promote a website in Google and Yandex

While promoting the web project, mainly you have to rely on the specifics of the search engines. To solve this problem it is necessary to work on optimization and website promotion. Website optimization is a complex internal works to create quality content, plus a work on the design of the project and the development of a functionality. Promoting means outer external marketing works, such as promotion in social networks, sending messages, buying links, posting articles on other websites, etc.

In the context of work on the internet, website optimization must take place mainly under Google and Yandex. Search engines evaluate the relevance (quality) of each page of the website and, according to this indicator, determine the position of the resource in the search results.

Indicators of relevance depends on the following parameters:

  • The number of keywords and phrases on the page among all others (4 -10%);
  • Naturally Filling - texts should not be like a machine translation; keys must occur in different cases;
  • The thematic focuses of linked resources;
  • The number of external links to other resources;
  • behavioral factors that were important not so long ago, and especially for Yandex. This means that the pages of the website must be visited by someone for a while, and not just enter and exit the page. If the website has a link to it and no one clicks it, it also reduces the rate of behavioral factors. So when the talk is about optimizing your website, it is important not only marketing moves, but the real utility of the website for the convenience of users.

There is a difference between the promotion of a site in Yandex and in Google. Slowly and methodically developing websites, filled with high-quality and unique content, with high rates of behavioral factors - the basic requirements of optimizing websites for Yandex. The size of text on the page preferably small, in the range 5000 characters per page.

In the Google however, content quality and uniqueness is not so critical, behavioral factors do not have a very large value. Great importance attaches to the search engine most advantageous relinking schemes. Text size by Google can be quite voluminous - 10 000 characters to be placed on the page.

If the website owner has the desire to optimize their resources directly for the two search engines, it is necessary to look for a compromise solution. For example, to place on the pages unique, literate text with up to 6000 characters, complement illustrations to the page, create conditions under which the website will be pleasing to visitors. In order to ensure the website is updating daily and some liveliness, you can set the commentary system.