MikroTik. RouterOS packages

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MikroTik. RouterOS packages

RouterOS comes with a specific set of packages that provide basic functionality. Since this operating system is quite versatile, there are many packages that extend the functionality of this networked system. Packages are supplied only by Mikrotik and cannot be supplied from third party developers. In order to connect the package, you need to download it from the official page, unzip it and drop it into the root of your router. After reboot, this package will be installed.

Package availability may vary from platform to platform (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86). The main package is the system package, it cannot be removed, it is the default on all routers. Besides it "out of the box", a fairly large number of packages are included in the delivery for the Mikrotik device. This package includes DHCP, ppp and others. It is worth remembering that these packets are optional and can be disabled or removed from the router.

Packages can be installed in the / system package section

For a home or office router, it is enough to leave the minimum number of packets to save router resources. These are advanced-tools - network diagnostics package, dhcp - DHCP server and client package, ppp - VPN server and client, security - secure connection to WinBox, system - default package, wireless - wireless network support package.

In order to disable a package, you need to select it and click on the "Disable" button - this will schedule the package to be disabled at the next device reboot. If you press the "Uninstall" button, the package will be removed during reboot. Button "Unschedule" - will delete the scheduled task for the selected package.

Package List

advanced-tools (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Ping tools. netwatch, ip-scan, sms tool, wake-on-LAN

calea (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) A package that provides the ability to intercept and log network traffic using firewall rules and can also act as a storage server. In October 1994, the US Congress took additional measures to protect public and national security by approving the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) provisions of the Telecoms Law Enforcement Act. One of the main tasks of CALEA was the formation of such a system of interaction between special services and operators, in which law enforcement agencies would not need to have their own specialists for each communication technology, but there would be an opportunity to receive from service providers ready, interesting, in terms of conducting operational-search measures , information.

dhcp (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Dynamic Host Control Protocol. Includes the ability to use a DHCP server and DHCP client.

gps (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) GPS (Global Positioning System) support. The package is needed when connecting an external GPS module.

hotspot (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Enables the HOTSPOT server on the router.

ipv6 (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Support for IPv6 protocol.

mpls (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Enabling MPLS (Multi Protocol Labels Switching) support. A mechanism in a high-performance telecommunications network that transfers data from one network node to another using tags.

multicast (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Multicast support is turned on.

ntp (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Includes NTP server and client in the router. It is worth saying that the SNTP client is already included in the system package, and if you do not need an NTP server, there is no point in installing it.

openflow (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Includes OpenFlow support.

ppp (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Includes MlPPP client, PPP, PPTP, L2TP, PPPoE, ISDN PPP clients and server.

routerboard (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Access and control RouterBOOT. RouterBOARD information.

routing (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Includes support for dynamic routing protocols RIP, BGP, OSPF, as well as BFD and route filters.

security (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Includes support for IPSEC, SSH, and Secure WinBox

system (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Basic package that includes static routing, ip addresses, sNTP, telnet, API, queues, firewall, web proxy, DNS cache, TFTP, IP pool, SNMP, packet sniffer, e-mail send tool, graphing, bandwidth-test , torch, EoIP, IPIP, bridging, VLAN, VRRP. In addition - MetaROUTER, Virtualization.

ups (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Includes APC UPS management interface.

user-manager (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) MikroTik User Manager - billing from Mikrotik.

wireless (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) The package that provides the wireless interface in Mikrotik.

arlan (x86) Support for Aironet Arlan - Legacy Wireless Technology.

isdn (x86) ISDN modem support.

lcd (x86) Support for third party LCD panels that connect via serial / parallel port. No package required for embedded touchpads in RouterBoard.

radiolan (x86) Includes support for RadioLan maps.

synchronous (x86) FarSync support. Served for replication.

xen ( discontinued x86) XEN Virtualization - enable virtualization.

kvm (x86) KVM Virtualization - enable virtualization.

tr-069 (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Technical report 069 - CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) for remote device management.

routeros-mipsle (mipsle) Package for the mipsle platform (RB100, RB500). By default includes system, hotspot, wireless, ppp, security, mpls, advanced-tools, dhcp, routerboard, ipv6, routing.

routeros-mipsbe (mipsbe) Package for the mipsbe platform (RB400). By default includes system, hotspot, wireless, ppp, security, mpls, advanced-tools, dhcp, routerboard, ipv6, routing.

routeros-powerpc (ppc) Powerpc package (RB300, RB600, RB1000). By default includes system, hotspot, wireless, ppp, security, mpls, advanced-tools, dhcp, routerboard, ipv6, routing.

routeros-x86 (x86) Package for x86 platforms (Intel / AMD PC, RB230). By default includes system, hotspot, wireless, ppp, security, mpls, advanced-tools, dhcp, routerboard, ipv6, routing.