Move domain to the server

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Move domain to the server

Version №. 1 - or a full zone transfer to our DNS server.

Most likely, this option is the most common, you grant control of your domain to our Company. After that, our company take full responsibility for the functionality of all the domain's zone settings on hosting. In turn, you get to manage your domain through a web interface. To transfer the domain management area, you need to delegate your domain name on the NS server of our company: IP-address (ipv6 2a03:3440::91:220:43:5) (primary / master) IP-address (ipv6 2a03:3440::185:8:60:254) (secondary / slave)

Version №. 2 - change the registry.

Due to the fact that our company has the status of "official domain registrar in the area. Lv", we offer our clients to make the transfer of the domain in the zone ". Lv" in our registry "CloudHosting".

To transfer your domain name to the registry "CloudHosting" You need to write a request to the email address with the following text:

Please my domain name "domain name. Lv" transferred to CloudHosting registrars
In advance, thank you. 

After that, your domain during the 24x hours will be automatically transferred into the registry "CloudHosting" and delegated to NS server of our company.