Remote work

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Remote work

The trend of 2020 is a massive transition of businesses and government organizations to remote work. And this trend will continue to one degree or another on an ongoing basis. The process is often convenient for employees and employers, but carries risks associated with information security and the efficiency of work processes. Attackers have already reacted to the changes: hacker activity has seriously increased in recent months and will increase every day.

Why unprotected remote work threatens organizations?

  • Loss of confidential information.
  • Penetration of intruders into the company's infrastructure.
  • Direct financial losses when involved in fraudulent schemes.
  • Damage to reputation.
  • Low efficiency and employee productivity.

What needs to be controlled and protected?

  • Personal and corporate PCs of users
  • Mobile devices of users.
  • ervices of organizations
  • Channels of connection.
  • How to reduce risks?

    We have prepared a number of measures to help you protect your data and organize the work of employees remotely. Solutions can be implemented both separately and in a complex, and our specialists are ready to conduct an audit and prepare the best offer for you.

    Protecting corporate and personal devices

    Installation of VPN clients (Check Point, Fortinet, Palo Alto), endpoint protection agents (Check Point SandBlast Agent, Fortinet FortiClient, Palo Alto Global Protect Agent) and Mobile Device Management / Enterprise Mobility Management (MobileIron) solutions for corporate and personal devices (including mobile devices), as well as strengthening firewall policies and implementing a role-based model of access to resources.

    Employee control

    Controlling access and all information flows crossing the perimeter, exposing fraudulent schemes and investigating incidents, analyzing the effectiveness of employees and determining their loyalty.

    Remote authentication protection

    Setting up two-factor authentication on PCs and mobile devices to ensure the security of business processes (ESET Secure Authentication, SafeNet Authentication Service, Indeed Access Manager).

    Penetration testing

    Drošības tehniskā analīze, lai apdraudētu attālā savienojuma pakalpojumus, kā arī ieteikumu sagatavošana ievainojamību novēršanai un aizsardzības līmeņa paaugstināšanai.

    Raising awareness in the field of information security

    Training employees to work safely with remote access and knowledge control.