What is Cloud server?

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What is Cloud server?

Cloud server - is type of hosting, to which are gradually moving all major online projects, because the cost of this type of hosting is lower than on a dedicated server and it is much more convenient.

Cloud server – is a server that gives you the opportunity to increase its capacity at any time if the project is progressing and requires more resources. You can configure the server as you want to have full root access to the Linux distribution, which you choose and install.

The price of such a server depends on its power and the price will depend on your hosting exactly the amount of resources to be used by your site.

The difference between Cloud and Dedicated servers is that you can at any time increase the capacity of the server and you will not need to stop the work of your web-page and transfer all the data to a new server, or wait until your dedicated server expands.

The difference between Cloud and VPS servers is that many VPS offers don’t guarantee you those resources which are provided, so the other users with larger projects may slow down your web-page's performance. But with Cloud you are guaranteed to get those resources for which you pay.