What is SEO optimization?

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What is SEO optimization?

To attract more visitors to your website, you need to promote it to search engines. And if you want your website to be on the front pages in the search engines, you need to know the basics of optimization and website promotion, and be able to use them.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is mean for search engines.

The higher is your website in search engine results, the greater is the chance that the visitor will go to the website, as about 100% comes from the first three links of search results, to the tenth of the first page of links 20-50% of users. To the second page goes only of 10-20%.

SEO-optimization can be divided into three parts:

  • Internal optimization. It includes the correction of possible errors, adding and editing content, HTML-code of your pages, etc.

    How effective will be the first step depends on your effort and knowledge in this area. You must also consider that the algorithms of search engines are slightly different and therefore optimization for Google is a little bit different from the optimization of Yandex.

  • Website promotion. In this step, it is necessary to bring the resource to the first positions by a group of activities performed outside of the website (on other websites, article directories, forums, bookmarks, and other platforms), whose task is to increase the reference mass and promote the site to targets you need, increase its authority. This is called a promotion or an external website optimization.
  • The third part is to maintain the achieved level and improve the results. Observation of your and your competitors results, changes in keywords, text for links, website content, updating platforms - all this you must consider to keep the position.