What is SSL-certificates and what are they for?

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What is SSL-certificates and what are they for?

While managing a successful internet business, you are obliged to guarantee your customers that all of the information they provide will be kept confidential. If the client will not be so sure, there will be no trust.

More often people are paying attention to the presence of the lock in the address bar and consoles "https".

SSL-certificate in adress bar

SSL-Certificate would ensure that the transmitted data is protected by strong encryption algorithms and will not be accessible to third parties for unauthorized viewing.

Company site protected by SSL-certificate, instills more confidence to the client, and your business look more reliable and legitimate. This has incontestable competitive advantage in the world of electronic commerce.

SSL-certificates can be classified into several groups:

  • With domain validation (DV) - SSL-Certificates Entry-level domain checking one of the fastest-issued certificate types as not require any documents. The process of checking more than a simple, all you need is to answer the automatic validation letter from the certification authority Only fits for small sites.
  • With Business Validation (OV) - For the business level SSL-certificate is necessary confirm the domain ownership, as well as provide documentation of your company. The issuance process takes about 2-3 business days. This certificate is suitable for corporate websites.
  • With Extended Validation (EV) - SSL-certificates with extended validation are the most prestigious of all existing certificates. All visitors to the browser address bar will be highlighted in green, immediately informing the high degree of protection of the site. These solutions are ideal for banks and online shops.