What is VPS and VDS?

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What is VPS and VDS?

VPS and VDS – is a service that provides the user with a virtual dedicated server. VPS or VDS owner has the ability to remove or edit any files, install, configure and modify the installed application software, which is available. This tariff plan offers a guaranteed minimum system resources.

Same machine can run multiple virtual servers, each of them provides an independent and full control, management, as usual dedicated server. It has its own resources, processes, configuration and separate administration.

Each VPS and VDS has its own copy with rights and "root" access on Unix or "Administrator" for Windows.

Advantages of VPS and VDS:

  • Stable performance. Physically dedicated server is distributed into virtual machines. If one of clients have loaded his server, it does not affect the other clients.
  • Configuration. Opportunity to choose their own software, programming languages, database management system and other software.
  • Fault tolerance. If the administration is competent, then no hardware problems will cause malfunction and prolonged downtime. Virtual machine can be quickly moved from one physical server to another.

VPS and VDS differences

VPS - you are provided with part of the "big" machine, but with limited options. You can store on your server an unlimited number of databases running on MySQL, mail, FTP, as well as to deploy a large number of web-pages, to install any software.

VDS only differs that the software is installed first to create a virtual machine, such as Xen, and only then the OS. Since Xen is running in virtual mode, it can be assumed that the VDS is still better VPS, but still there is no noticeable difference between the two.