CloudHosting SIA - Terms and conditions

1. Service description

Cloudhosting Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider) provides You (the Client) virtual servers, hosting, dedicated servers and other services rent against payment.

2. Applying for the service and service plan change

  1. Actual service pricing and description can be read at the service provider's website https://www.cloudhosting.lv.
  2. Application for the service takes place in electronic form by the Customer filling out the registration form and confirming the Terms of Service, followed by a confirmation e-mail sent to the Customer's provided e-mail address.
  3. When completing the application form, the Customer confirms that the data entered is true, valid and complete. In case of false data service provider is entitled to terminate the service.
  4. The e-mail provided in the application continues to be considered as the Client's official e-mail from which the service provider is accepting applications for service plan change, uncertainty and other issues related to the provision of the service.

3. Fee and payment arrangements

  1. Customer invoice is issued on the basis of the registration data provided to the Customer Service, in accordance with the corresponding provider charges for this time period. The invoice is sent to the customer once a month or less, if the Customer pays for services at once for a longer period than one month.
  2. All bills and invoice related messages Service Provider sends to the Customer at electronic mail address indicated at the Customer Service application.
  3. If the Clients e-mail address is not working or the Customer has not received an invoice due to email system malfunction, the Customer is obliged to print the bill from the service provider's website https://my.cloudhosting.lv
  4. The Customer undertakes to pay bills for the specified payment period.
  5. The Customer makes the payment by bank transfer on the basis of the bill, and the bill within the deadline.
  6. Payment is considered as having been made when it enters the Service Provider's bank account.
  7. For each day of delay the service provider may charge a penalty of 0.5% of the invoice amount.
  8. In case of debt obligations current payment is disbursed only after the fine and previous unpaid invoice coverage.
  9. In cases where the Customer fails to make payment within the order, the service provider has the right to transfer debt collection rights to third parties. Customer is obliged to cover all costs associated with the recovery of the debt.

4. Client's rights and obligations

  1. Customer shall not disclose to a third party the assigned to him connection name and password, and bears full responsibility for the actions carried out via his connection name and password (hereinafter referred to as the Account).
  2. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Service and the use of related possibilities is Client's free choice and his own responsibility. Customer is responsible for the information he publishea on the Internet on a global basis and for any actions made by him in connection with the Service Agreement. The Customer undertakes to use his account on the service provider's server for legal distribution of information, without harming the service provider or other server users with his direct or indirect actions.
  3. The service provider has the right to block the customer assigned to the account and not to return money paid if the client has not paid the bill at the time or the customer has breached the data center Cloudhosting rules - the rules listed below (point 8).
  4. If the service is no longer necessary, the Customer must inform the Service Provider 20 days in advance. Service termination application time is counted from the moment when the Customer has informed the service provider about service termination by e-mail to info@cloudhosting.lv, and has received the approval of the service termination.
  5. Refunds are possible for cancelation of the service within 14 days after payment of the invoice and if there are no violation of the data center Cloudhosting rules - the rules listed below (point 8).

5. The providers rights and obligations

  1. The service provider as soon as possible prevents service disruption if it happened under the responsibility of the service provider or existing network hardware.
  2. Service provider provides to the best of his abilities database and software protection against illegal copying.
  3. The service provider has the right to immediately withdraw from the agreement if the Customer has not paid the bills on time.


None of the Parties are held liable for fulfillment of obligations if it is caused by force majeure, which the Parties could not foresee or prevent and control the occurrence of the Parties shall not be guilty. Cases of force majeure are considered natural disasters, fires, acts of war, civil unrest, riots, strikes, epidemics, embargoes, restrictions on energy supplies, global Internet activity disorder.

7. Other rules

  1. All issues not covered by these rules shall be resolved by the existing Latvian legislation.
  2. Any dispute relating to the provision of the Service, are to be solved through mutual negotiations. If an agreement can not be reached - the judicial authorities of the Republic of Latvian regulatory enactments.
  3. Cloudhosting reserves the right to change or add more rules without notifying users.

8. Data center Cloudhosting rules

  1. In Cloudhosting data center prohibited:
    • Placement of viruses or any malicious software.
    • Breaking or blocking of Internet services.
    • Send spam messages.
    • Create a proxy for the transportation parasitic traffic.
    • Calls to overthrow the government or to place such calls.
    • Placement of erotic and pornography materials.
    • False advertisment of goods.
    • Placing racist, nationalist or any information ofending certain nations and nationalities.
    • Allocation of resources, information, or commiting acts with the help of resources provided to the customer in violation of laws and regulations of the Latvian Republic or Euro commission.
  2. In case of violations, depending on their severity, frequency, number of violations or rule ignoring, server resources can be blocked without the possibility of restoration of the data(removed) and service fees are not refundable.